/Student Volunteer Application

Student Volunteer Application

The Maywood Public Library welcomes and encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talents to enrich and expand library services. Volunteers are expected to conform to all policies of the Maywood Public Library and are selected and retained for as long as the library needs their services.

Volunteers may be used for special events, projects, and activities or on a regular basis to assist staff. Services provided by volunteers will supplement, but not replace, regular services, and volunteers will not be used in place of hiring full time or part time staff. Volunteers may apply for paid positions under the same conditions as other outside applicants. In accordance with labor laws and the policies of the Maywood Public Library Board of Trustees, paid staff may not volunteer their services to the library except with written permission from the library Director and the Board of Trustees.  Staff may volunteer in other departments of city government outside the library. Volunteers must submit an application and may be required to undergo a background check.

Student volunteer application